APC Chieftain In Edo State Buys Two Lions As Security Guards

APC Chieftain in Edo State, Tony Kabaka has bought himself two lions which will serve as security guards in his house.

Tony Kabaka who is well dreaded man, allegedly became a billionaire by being an Agbero task collector.

The former Chairman of Akugbe Ventures and member of the All Progressives Congress in Edo State, on sharing the video, advised people to stay clear off his house and equally added he bought the wild animals for security reason.

The newly acquired big cats by the APC Chieftain are coming on the hills of a report from faraway Czech Republic about a man who got mauled by his pet lion.

The man identified as Michal Prasek, 33, was mauled right inside the cage of the 9-year old lion. He also had a lioness which he acquired last year.

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